frosen gait

In the past year I started to have a problem in walking. I was unable to move my right foot. When I started to, move I was able to walk. My Neurolgist gave me a dirivative of Levodopa but it has not relived the condition. I am able to walk backwards, What can I do to releave the condition.Thank You Jerry Silverman

Dr. Sanchez-Ramos said...

Freezing episodes (transient episodes of sudden immobility) do not often respond to medication. Circulating levels of levodopa can be at therapeutic concentrations and patients will still freeze. Dopamine agonists also do not help very much with sudden immobility. Best approach is based on physical/sensory tricks, like walking on flooring with tiled patterns or stripes of masking tape. Or try walking in rhythm, like marching to a metronome. Some patients will tap their thigh with one hand in a regular rhythm while coordinating each tap with a step. Some other tricks: To break a freeze, step over a stripe on the floor or drop a bean bag on the floor and step over it or try counting out loud and initiate the step when your reach the number 4. Deep brain stimulation of the sub-thalamic nucleus is also not helpful for freezing episodes, but there are experimental studies looking at other brain regions (penduclopontine nucleus) that might improve gait and balance.