My husband has great difficulty getting out of a chair, turning over in bed. When he puts his hands together like washing his hands, his hands and arms tremble very visibly. He is under the care of a neurologist. He has had an MRI, a ct angiogram, a 4 hr psychology test twice by same doctor. He had a pacemaker put in in April 2011. He takes named, lexapro, losartin, aggrenox, vitamins, multiple, fish oil, preservation and vitamin d. Still trying to find a diagnosis. Sometimes with it, sometimes not. First itvwas Parkinson’s then no it’s Parkinsonism. Now it’s we don’t know but it is not Alzheimer’s

Dr. Sanchez-Ramos said...

Your brief description sounds like a parkinson syndrome, but unless an adequate trial of levodopa/carbidopa (Sinemet) medication is provided, we cannot determine whether it is Parkinon’s Disease or an atypical parkinsonism related to cerebrovascular disease. Perhaps you should seek the advice of a Movement Disorder specialist (who unlike a general neurologist) is highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of complex movement disorders.