Medicinal marijuana

My question is regarding the use of marijuana while taking parkinsons medication. Is it ok to try medicinal marijuana while taking parkinsons medication? I ask this question because my girlfriend was recently diagnosed with pd at the young age of 21. I myself self medicate with marijuana for adhd and back pains and know of its medical attributes. And ive been doing some reasearch to see if it would be good for her to try. So once again I just would like to know if she can try it while still on her medication?

Dr. Sanchez-Ramos said...

Cannabis was used commonly in the 19th century to treat PD, but it was taken orally as an alcoholic tincture of Cannabis indica. See the following website for a summary on the medical use of cannabis for treatment of movement disorders.

Note: Although many states permit registered patients to use marijuana products to treat numerous medical conditions, the Federal Government (FDA and its enforcement arm, the DEA) does not allow doctors to prescribe cannabis because it is still considered to be a Schedule 1 drug (ie it has no approved medical use and/or it has abuse liability).