Progressive SupranuclearPaalsey

discrib.and what is the treatment

Dr. Sanchez-Ramos said...

PSP is an atypical form of Parkinsonism that presents with problems of balance and walking as well as slowness, rigidity and eventually problems with swallowing. Some patients may also develop a tremor similar to PD. A clue to this disorder is the observation that the patient cannot initiate voluntary gaze and must move the head to gaze down or up or sideways. In the earliest stage the eye movement problem may be subtle (the patient may not be able to look downwards) and so walking down stairs may be tricky. Eventually, the person will not be able to gaze to the right or left and must turn the head in those directions. The rigidity of muscles in PSP is especially bad in the axial muscles (neck, back) unlike in PD where the rigidity is worse in the limbs. lThere is some relief to the rigidity and slowness with dopamine replacement. In some patients dystonic hand postures may develop and this may not respond to dopamine replacement.
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