reglan through one time use in an iv

I had reglan in an iv and was on citalopram. I had a severe dystonic reaction. I am still having problems with my memory, retrieving information and when anxious I stutter. This was three months ago. Can I still be reacting to the reglan? Did it cause damage to my brain?

Dr. Sanchez-Ramos said...

Reglan can block dopamine receptors in the brain and result in signs and symptoms of parkinsonism. Typically this is reversible. If a person already has a compromised nigro-striatal dopamine system (ie they have pre-clinical PD–close to manifesting signs and symptoms of PD), then stopping the reglan may not result in return to normal. In other words, the underlying PD may be unmasked by treatment with reglan. Your present complaints of stuttering and memory problems are not likely a result of the adverse reaction to reglan.