Sleep Disorders and Parkinson’s

Sir/Madem,My Mother is suffering from parkinson Desiese, since last three years, She daily take CBLIN, SYNDOPA CR, Parnit, Scriptin Tablet as per Doctors pricption, Now since last one week she is not sleeping, now since two days she is not sleeping in night also kindly answer the question

Dr. Sanchez-Ramos said...

Sleep disorders and Parkinson’s Sleep disorders are common in Parkinson’s disease. If you see a good neurologist experienced with PD, he should be able to provide a plan to improve sleep. In my own practice, I may introduce an anti-depressant at bedtime that induces somnolence such as mirtazepine or trazadone. If that is inadequate, I often administer low doses of quetiapine. I tend to avoid benzodiazepines which may work in the short term but is likely to increase depression in the patient. All this must be managed by her neurologist or physician.