My problems started about a year and a half ago. I’ve had tremors for seveal years but I had a heart valve replacement 13 months ago and since then I’ve had many problems. Hellucinatons began immediately and have not gone away. I also have increased jerks while sleepy or simply resting. I’ve done some research and believe I have hypnagogic jerks and hypnopomic hallucinations.In addition I have leg cramps and sleeping problems with realistic dreams. I’ve fallen out of my bed while chasing the bad guy in my dreams, Low and behold I caught him while banging my head and braking a finger while falling out of my bed. i. Other times the dreams find me waking my wife. I also realize that I lost my golf game and my sense of smell about four years ago. I’ve gone to many doctors including:my family doctor, Cardiologist, Eye Doctor , surgeon, Neurologist and Psychiatrist. The hallucinations come while just awakening in the mornin They include bug swarming and visual things like the stiching on clothing showing to be red. This occurs when the lighting is dim. But, they all go away when I turn on a light.None of this scares me but I want to know if all could be caused by PD.

Dr. Sanchez-Ramos said...

Your symptoms sound like REM behavior sleep disorder. People with this condition act out their dreams, often have waking hallucinations and don’t experience restful sleep. The diagnosis is best made by undergoing a formal sleep study by a sleep disorders specialist. This will require an overnight stay in a hospital or special clinic. Approximately 40% of otherwise health individuals who have this condition go on to develop PD. However the majority of individuals with this condition do not develop PD.
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