New Drugs for Parkinson’s Disease Under Development


Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals is working on developing two new drugs to treat PARKINSON’S DISEASE from two different perspectives and they have received a large grant to help fund this promising research.

The first approach is directed at eliminating or at least preventing alpha synuclein from entering the nervous system.  Presently, Lundbeck has developed a line of anti-bodies that bind with alpha-synuclein and one those anti-bodies has shown a direct effect in animal models of PARKINSON’S DISEASE.  Their hope is to develop the best antibody with the potential to slow the progression of PARKINSON’S DISEASE in people or to perhaps, eliminate it altogether.  A human medical model is still a ways off, and lots of work remains to be done, but this company is definitely up to the task.

Their next project involves creating a symptomatic treatment that does not involve the dopamine receptors in the brain.  They are focused on a so-called “orphan G-protein” in a part of the brain that controls the motor system.  Already they have several drugs that can control the activity of this protein.  Their hope for this project is to create a new type of drug for treatment of the motor symptoms of PARKINSON’S DISEASE that does not have the side effects of current medications.  We all hope that success comes SOON!

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Review by Marcia McCall


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