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By Marilyn Tait, PRF Executive Director

The PARKINSON RESEARCH FOUNDATION, with headquarters in Sarasota, Florida, is committed to reaching out across America and the world in an effort to provide the finest help and support network available for the six million people with Parkinson’s disease and those who love them.

With the establishment of PARKINSON PLACE in September 2012, our 8500 square foot destination site now provides over 80 free programs each month for Florida residents and snowbirds living or visiting our beautiful city.  PARKINSON PLACE open Monday- Friday with FREE membership for patients and caregivers had 6,196 visits from January to August of this year with many members coming every day to benefit from the finest evidence based programs proven to enhance physical function and emotional well-being.

With the realization that only a small percent of the Parkinson population can visit us onsite, the PARKINSON RESEARCH FOUNDATION has made a renewed commitment to develop the most sophisticated websites to bring you the latest information, research updates and empowerment programs. Ask-The-Doctor Lunch and Learns and videos of classes that you can do at home by means of Video Podcasts and Blogs with physicians and other experts in the field are also available., our medical and scientific site is dedicated to education.  It features up and coming research, the latest Parkinson-related information, articles of interest and Ask-The-Doctor with Juan Sanchez-Ramos, MD, PhD, Fellowship Trained Movement Disorders Specialist and PRF Medical Director. is the place to go for help, support, motivation, in home classes, sociability and the opportunity to be part of what we do at Parkinson Place, all at your fingertips, in the convenience of your home, on your computer screen when you need it!

There is no longer a need to feel lost, alone or isolated with Parkinson’s disease.  By means of our websites, PRF is committed to reaching out to you in an effort to provide everything you need to assure peace of mind and a better life today.

Please visit and everyday as new information and viewing opportunities are being added daily just for you.  Remember that you have Parkinsons, Parkinsons does not have you!  It’s up to you to hold on to that belief and reach out for all the support and resources that the Parkinson Research Foundation makes available to you.

Marilyn Tait, Director of Parkinson Place