Test Pilot

A German patient and his Austrian wife have recently moved from Iowa, and need a new neurologist. His voice resonates in the small room with only a hint of German lilt left. He has the voice for radio, but he is a test pilot. The doctor is in education mode conferring to the patient all things related to Parkinson’s and discusses the personality type others have given to the stereotypical sufferer. Well controlled, averse to adventure, given to detail and methodical work, the patient admits that describes himself.
The wife describes the onset of symptoms a few years ago; trembling in a hand that in time involved the foot as well. Today there is little evidence of any symptom. The doctor feels some cog- wheel rigidity in the muscles at the elbow joint on the left side otherwise the patient’s symptoms are very well disguised by medications- Mirapex and Sinemet. The movement disorder physician commends the patient’s management, he is doing the right things- exercising daily… He would add something thought to slow illness- perhaps coenzyme Q10 or deprenyl.
The doctor conducts a physical exam. Performing the finger to nose task, first with the right hand and then left, I note the patient’s hands. His skin is taught and smooth, unlined and young- looking. He is in his sixties and he has the hands of a young man. The wife has skin appropriate to someone of her age, and a flare for fashion evident in pale pink clogs with an open toe and well- cut red hair. She is un-intimidated by the doctor and presses him on why he speaks so much of animal research.
The patient’s gait is flawless and his arm swing full and loose. ‘Maybe I don’t have PD…’ the patient comments as the physician emphasizes how well his symptoms are covered. The doctor doesn’t give the comment any reply. All witnessed the wife mimicking the tremor of the hand, and how the movement eventually affected the left foot. If he doesn’t have Parkinson’s he has something close enough


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