Parkinson Research Foundation wishes to thank those selflessly working hard to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease

Special Mention Caitlin Nicholson

Poem by: Erin Kaukereit age 14


Granddaughter of Arlene and John Casey
Parkinson Place Members

Champions Who Stand Strong (With Parkinson’s)

Cheers to the champions who stand strong,

Champions born in their “own little place”

Champions who struggle to communicate,

Longing for a loyal ally showing no hate

To respect their wondering mind in any case.

Cheers to the champions who stand strong,

Champions uncomfortable when exposed to too much noise and light,

Champions labeled as retarded and cold

Yet gifted and intelligent with hearts as big as gold

And searching for answers to why being different is just not right.

Cheers to the champions who stand strong

Champions living with the rough aspect of life,

Champions who try hard to make it through each day

Who learn why their lives are important they all say

To make us realize we should treat them right in a world with less strife.